Friday, 1 April 2011


First try at Roz Stendahl's International Fake Journal Month challenge, and first blog. Might as well dive right in...

The journal [fictional: IFJM stands for International Fake Journal Month - see Roz's linked image to right] is a running notation of dream jobs - freelance work in photography, film & painting for the non-existant Mindful Gallery, MF Publishing, and MF film, all in Montreal. The IFJM Blog postings are an extension of the fictional account.

Paper is one grocery bag, cut up. Lyra colour pencils, prismacolour fine line marker, ballpoint pen, pencil. Pages are 6 x 7 " To be bound when complete.

April 1
Stuck in the airport overnight - at least I found pencils  - thought I packed them.
The poster makes me want to paddle. Would Monet kayak in 2011?


  1. Lovely Monet colors!

  2. Great idea with the bags! I love it !
    Ciao- fellow IFMJ'er

  3. Thanks! Love Monet's work. Best show I ever attended was of his Giverny paintings paired with gorgeous photographs taken in the late 1990s, very atmospheric & in all seasons... so easily imagined him still there.

    The bags are great as wrapping paper using markers, have always wanted to do more with them.

  4. Great idea for paper bags for the pages of the fake journal. Are you actually going to get "into" these dream jobs?

  5. Getting into them a little, unfortunately in IFJM format only... otherwise, just in my head!

  6. Sweet! Great start - stick with it! ♥ky

  7. Me too. It's been a good spring :)