Saturday, 30 April 2011


April 30

I wish this paper would be available in a more conservation-minded form. Love the colour, coverage & workability.


Thanks, Roz, for creating the IFJM, it's been great fun and an interesting learning curve. I was surprised to stall time-wise halfway through, and then able to pick up again in the last week after a busy spell of work passed. (I know, not a great way to manage - supposed to be on the day, not catch-up... I thought I could juggle it) Better to think out the details of the character ahead of time too, as suggested. I didn't enough. But thoroughly enjoyed it all the same.

I find the paper lovely to work on, and the colour easier as a beginning point than blank white paper! Likely just in my head... Once the next few days of work are done I will jump in with your Strathmore project... Thanks again.


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  1. I enjoyed reading through your completed journal. I never had time to check them as they were being created. You have some great sketches of buildings!!!